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The Tools


We use and have access to a wide variety of cameras, lenses, lights and sound equipment.  Whether it's full HD or 4k, single camera or multicamera shoots we've got you covered.  Here are a few specialty items that we own:


  • Backdrops - Green, Black & White Screens

All are portable, so whether it's a stylistic choice or because of limited space, know that you're going to get the best look at any location.


  • Steadycam rig & Slider

Nothing captures the eye and adds to the professional look and feel like a smooth and steady motion shot.

  • Go Pro & Portable Cameras


Take the viewer directly into the action by placing a small camera where the action is. 

  • Ariel Drone & Camera

Let's face it.  Drone shots are just awesome.  Coming soon to our inventory.   

News &


Have a question or comment that you'd like to leave for the public to see?  Maybe you want others to see how happy you were with our services? Possibly even how unhappy you were?  Maybe you have a suggestion and/or advice?  This is the place where you can leave your honest opinion about Beyond Above Media. 
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