Jan 9, 2018

Few moves garner success like collaboration


Edited: Jan 9, 2018

This is the board that we hope will bring great minds together. A community is only as good as its citizens and it's with this concept and philosophy in mind that we hope to attract the hungriest, most ambitious, ride or die, unheard or unsung talent out there. It doesn't matter what your craft is just as long as you're willing put everything on the line in an attempt to chase a vision or dream then you'll be a great contributor here. Have a story you've written but need someone to help critique it, maybe help film it? Make a post. Are you a beat producer and would love to get your beats in the hands of a talented hip hop or r&b artist? Post it. Maybe you have an idea for what you feel could be the greatest movie of all time but feel that it's missing something. Post about it. This is an incubator of sorts for those who want to do even better work next time! This board is for ideas. On that note, WE DO NOT condone the act of stealing another person's idea. If anything, this board will stand as a poor man's copyright. Just remember that the universe never sleeps. The universe sees all, and like everything else, what you'll get out of it is a reflection of what you put in.