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Our Goals


We want to change the world... one frame,
one story at a time.


For some, the notion of realistically changing the world is an impossible thought, an unattainable goal.  Not at Beyond Above Media.  With our passion, understanding and respect for human emotion combined with our creative prowess, we are insightfully keen on the importance of any given moment.   It's within these moments that we're able to reflect, learn and build upon.  When others are brought to that moment, even vicariously, something miraculous can happen.  That moment almost becomes their moment.  The  subsequent chain reaction creates an infectious ripple through time and space, affecting the next person with emotion through attitude.  All of which can be directly or indirectly linked back to the original moment. 

Sound deep?  We really believe this.


There is a very real power in storytelling and there is a very real responsibility.   We harness this craft while helping bring the story forward from the important moments.   This is our craft.


This is our goal.           


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