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If you've looked at other production company websites then you have seen that very few actually put pricing on their website.  One of the main reasons for this is because all projects vary in size and scope.  Video length, cameras, crew, lighting and post production are just a few of the variables that can greatly affect a project's cost.  A long standing general rule of thumb is that you should expect to pay $1000 per minute of produced video.  Using this model a 5 minute video would cost roughly $5000.


Though this model can be decent for a baseline basic estimate, it by no means can be applied across the board.   Our pricing below is also for basic estimation purposes.  It's important to keep in mind that often times the more days that it takes to complete a project then generally the rate per day average comes down.  


Please also note that we often do projects at discounted or reduced rates, given the project, time and availability.  We try to be understanding to situations and more importantly we try to be fair.  You'll never have to worry about us gouging prices or adding services that you do not need.  We work with honesty and integrity from the front to the very back end.  





(per day)


  • one camera - no lighting, no additional sound (only camera microphone)



  • one camera - no lighting, basic sound package (up to 2 wireless lav mics)


  • one camera - lighting package (up to 8 different lights, stands & grip equipment), basic sound package (up to 2 wireless lav mics)




* If a camera is required that we do not have in our inventory then rental expenses may be added.  


(per day)


  • sound recordist and gear (usually includes up to 4 wireless lavs or 3 wireless lavs and boom mic)



  • make up artist 


  • teleprompter and operator


  • grip


  • production assistant (PA)


* These are rough estimates 


(per day)


  • editing


  • audio mixing & mastering




  • graphic design & animation



*  Based on 10 hour work days, including importing, rendering and export times 

* Music and footage licensing costs will be passed through

It's typical for us to work solely on a cost for project basis.  Having an idea of what your budget is will allow us to work backwards in terms of possible services and options, enabling us to give you the absolute best value possible.  


On larger projects, additional service may include costs for producers and/or directors, coordinators, craft services, etc.

Half day rates are available (under 4 hours)


The overtime rates for filming days are standard and are as follows.  

A full day of filming is between 5-10 hours.  There is typically a break for meals built into this time.  

Anything over 10 hours (including meal break) kicks in overtime.  From 10-12 hours the overtime rate is 1.5 times per hour (time & 1/2).  Anything over 12 hours, the overtime rate is 2 times per hour (double time).    

If you have questions, want to discuss possible options or need a project estimate then just shoot us message below.

Thanks! Message sent.


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