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Wedding Options/Pricing

As the digital age securely becomes the standard so does the means of delivering its media.  What was once captured through analog technology left little choice but to put physical photos in albums and store these physical books in physical locations.  If you wanted to see or share a video then you whipped out a VHS tape or DVD.  This inconvenience is now a problem of the past.  Today, video is stored in the same places where photos are, making them readily available. 

Not to take anything away from wedding photographers because it is a true artform in and of itself but you have to seriously ask yourself if you'd rather watch a last second score to win the game or see an action photo and read about it instead?  Again, we are not suggesting to do away with a photographer but merely pointing out some of the things you should consider when budgeting for a wedding. 

Too many times video is treated like an afterthought in regard to weddings and even though your cousin recorded it on her new iPhone, the production value will leave much to be desired.  At B.A.M, what you'll receive is a high end, broadcast quality video that is professionally edited and most importantly tells the story of your special occasion which can be shared for generations to come.  For a PDF of our pricing SELECT HERE.   Or, CONTACT US for additional information.      


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